Yvonne Heeres, artist and photographer

Behind the camera and drawings

Who am I?

My name is Yvonne Heeres and I am a photographer and artist based in the north of The Netherlands. In 2015 I graduated as a Graphic designer and I am a graphic designer for living (designing websites). I keep learning to improve my designs, drawings and photographs. 

When did I start?

I did start drawing when I was little. Digitaly I started years ago (in my teenage years), I was using the program Paint to draw dolls. I was always intrested in creative things like drawing, painting and DIY. Later I bought a drawing tablet and started to use photoshop. I started to draw metal artists and actors I like. Because my interest in creativity I did a graphic design education, in this time I learned (mostly by myself, tuturials and courses I did during and after my education) to work with Illustrator and photoshop. I am always busy to improve my drawings. 

I started to take pictures when I was much younger. In that time I took pictures from nature, my family and animals. When I went to my first concert I took pictures and I loved to do that. Now my Interest is mainly with taking pictures of metal concerts and festivals. 

When I was 11 I started to listen to Evanescence. Later I started to listen more and more to this kind of music. When I was 15 I listen to the Finnish band HIM and felt in love with the guitars, I started to play guitar myself and looked up to Linde. Because of exams I stopped playing and I did not know what I was doing anyway. In 2017 I saw Sabaton and Twilight Force and see Chris Rorland playing made me pick up my guitar again. I started to take guitarlessons. In the time I was 11 till now, this kind of music came more and more important to me. Because of my love for metal music, I take pictures of metalbands and make drawings of metal artists. 

Any idea's? or work with me?

If you have any idea's for me for my Tim Burton style drawings, just contact me. I have made some Tim Burton style drawings in the past because people asked for it. Also if you want to let me make a design for you, feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do for you. 

Not seen my drawings yet? 

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A small selection of my work: